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We all have our own story, what makes us tick, what we care about.

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My Vision

I want to make life better for me, my family, community, and people of the world by:

  • creating focused and trustworthy information, abilities, and resources
  • taking action to reach others, which encourages beneficial results
  • assisting others in achieving their life goals with my insights, guidance, and methods.

My Mission

I will create online presence and services that can help address their needs with

  • clear and simple presentation that invites personal connection
  • building trust with honestly useful information, ideas, content, and tools
  • serve communities of personal growth, professional business, faith, and other needs

My Methods

See how I help you get your best results quicker, cheaper, and easier.

Trust in Phil

The more you know about Phil, the more confidence and faith you will have in how he can help you.

Here are some articles I wrote, that can help you get to know me:

Does it concern you that your name one day will fade from peoples’ lips and memories? That your life had very little impact on?

I was shocked to look up the definition of “Legacy” and read: “an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.” As in: "my grandmother died and unexpectedly left me a small legacy." Here was I thinking of grandiose things left to you like:

  • Grandma’s Secret Sauce recipe (think Colonel Sanders)
  • The Solution to the Riemann Hypothesis
  • A fleet of rare and vintage cars

In an article in The Guardian: “Ten of the Strangest Wills of All Time”, people used their will as a romantic gesture (a rose every day to someone’s wife). A way of lashing out at one’s family  ($110 million not to be distributed until 21 years after the death of their last surviving grandchild). Or what best could be described as a mindless act (a fortune left to 70 strangers randomly chosen from a phone book).

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Posted by: Phil on 20 Feb, 2020 in Phil Early Retirement Advice The Human Condition 

Faith is when we have no reason to believe something, but we do, anyway.

—> Read entire article here...

Posted by: Phil on 16 Feb, 2020 in Phil Other Articles Faith 

New ideas are on the way...

—> Read entire article here...

Posted by: Phil on 16 Feb, 2020 in Phil Early Retirement Advice Small-to-Medium Business The Human Condition Other Articles 

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