You Can Trust Phil

So, what makes Phil trustworthy?

There are a few things you should know about Phil, then you can decide for yourself.

Privacy and Ethics

As a pastor of his church, he is bound by both religious law and state and federal law to maintain privacy.

As a public service professional, he is legally bound by a strict code of ethics, as well as state laws protecting both the individual and the whole population of the state.

Professional Experience

As a processional organiser and policy-maker for information technology, enterprise and business architecture, Agile and PRINCE2 project management, Phil has proven skills in leadership, organisation, and rapid-but-effective results. 

Social and Personal

As a father, husband, son, and cousin with an extended family, both in Australia and overseas, Phil has 'faced the music' in building strong ties and holding close as well as letting go, loss, and troubled times.  His social, family and deeply personal challenges have helped hone his understanding, empathy, and simple style.

Quite simply, Phil is a listening friend, helpful neighbour, skilled and recognised professional, as well as a pillar of several communities which he not only belongs to, he adds value to.

See what Phil does.  

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