The Pastor

I am a family man of faith, who tries to be the best I can be, and spread positivity to those around me.

Working towards a degree in Theology at University of Divinity (Wesley College), I am able to put my faith into action, using my skills to heal, and spread much-needed joy into the world. I believe that you must put your whole self into things you are passionate about. Whether in business, faith or family life I believe you should bring your body, mind and soul.

Phil Mizzi

My Writings

Have you ever asked why, or how, this works?

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Posted by: Terry on 07 Feb, 2021 in Faith 

Faith is when we have no reason to believe something, but we do, anyway.

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Posted by: Phil on 16 Feb, 2020 in Phil Other Articles Faith 

Some resources

A not-for-profit that I work with

Easy-to-use online bible

A variety of articles on faith and religion

A great resource


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